Trip to Graz, Austria

Graz was the second city I decided to visit while travelling through Austria. It was a really nice trip because I also had the chance to experience a random train ride in Austria and it just breaks my heart to see how modern, evolved and clean the Austrian trains are (comparing them with the Romanian ones, yikes!). I had to take the train early in the morning from Vienna and in just two hours I was in Graz, experiencing this wonderland city.

Just like other previous cities that I’ve visited, Graz is a modern city combined with natural landscapes. Completely different from Vienna, having its own vibe, it was a delight to explore every street. Graz is the second largest city in Austria with quite a long and interesting history.

The most eye-catching thing that you’ll probably see when you arrive here is the interesting clock-tower which is situated on top of a big hill. And yes, I did climb all those hundreds of stairs. Those stairs have a really interesting history, and believe me that it’s all worth to read those information signs, especially about those stairs which were built by the Russians and other WW1 prisoners. Make sure you don’t miss the interesting fountains on top of the hill and the good news is that when you arrive on the top, you will see a breathtaking view of Graz and you can also enjoy a cold beer while watching it.

Overall, my trip to Graz was quite rewarding. I should mention that they have a lot of parks where you can just wonder for hours and lots of other great things (old center architecture, Venice-like structures and many many other interesting stuff.

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