Trip to Győr, Hungary

Right after my journey through Austria ended, I spent a few days in Gyor, a really nice and typical Hungarian city. It’s not a big city and the vibe is quite different from Szeged but this small city has its own charm, a really unique old center and it’s the perfect place to chill for a weekend.

What I liked most about this city is the historical background, if you decide to read a bit about this Hungarian wonderland, you will be absolutely fascinated by it. This city was inhabited by the Romans, Slavs, Lombards, Avars and so on. It was under ottoman occupation for quite a while, bringing a lot of damage to it, literally almost burning it from the ground and calling it Yanık Kala which literally means “the burned place”.

You will enjoy the old city, getting lost on the narrow streets and just hear the street music while you chill. I’m currently setting Gyor on the 3rd place of cities which you HAVE to visit while in Hungary (right after Szeged and Budapest). Enjoy the photos! 🙂

The narrow streets of Gyor
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Trip to Graz, Austria

Trip to Graz, Austria

Graz was the second city I decided to visit while travelling through Austria

I’m moving to Vienna

I’m moving to Vienna

This was bound to happen eventually

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