Trip to Brno, Czech Republic

Last week I had the chance to visit the beautiful city of Brno, located quite close to Vienna which made it super easy to reach it by flixbus. Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic and it’s totally worth it to pay it a visit during fall, spring or summer. There’s a lot of stuff to see like the astronomical clock which has quite an intriguing shape and to make it more interesting, every day, exactly at 11 AM, the clock will release a glass marble ball in one of its holes. Sadly, when we arrived, even though we did it on time, there were people waiting there for hours to get it. The sad part is that they were locals and they weren’t eager to share any holes with other people, so i guess they had a serious purpose if they were so committed to get it (inserting dollar/euro sign).

Anyway, after having breakfast in a cute bakery, we walked around to city to discover some of its wonders. We started with the Liberty Square where the infamous big black clock is situated. We were also intrigued by the statues we found in the old town hall and obviously by the enormous St. Peter and Paul Cathedral situated on top of a a hill.

We also climbed a hill to the Špilberk Castle and its intriguing courtyard which had a big fountain and random bells. Brno is a great city to visit for a weekend escape and it’s a pleasure just to wonder around its streets and to try the local beer is as you probably know, it’s totally worth it.

Of course this trip wouldn’t have been perfect without my colleagues from FRA. We’re a great team not only at work but also when it comes to travelling and exploring.

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