Exploring Salzburg, Austria

Nothing compares with the feeling of traveling again. This weekend I re-started my traveling adventures for 2020 but this time I had the best company one could get, an international group of friends from Greece, France, and Turkey. We started our weekend tour with the fancy city of Salzburg. A city with a vibrant flair and a unique charm, surrounded by rich nature, history, and summerish vibes.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Salzburg is the fourth-largest city in Austria, with a rich history starting from the Neolithic Age until the present day. The most imposing piece of architecture is the fortress of Hohensalzburg, one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe that dates from the 11th century.

The fortress of Hohensalzburg

What I loved about Salzburg is the extravagant Baroque architecture, no wonder why it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is surrounded by Alpine scenery and gave the world one of the most famous classical musicians, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and while walking in the historical center of the city, you will surely encounter Mozart’s fancy houses.

If you’re hungry and in need of a dark cold beer, no need to worry, the city center is filled with bars and fancy restaurants that can fulfill any of your gastronomical dreams. Since we celebrated our friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Daniel! Long live Kansas!), we got ourselves a nice fancy schnitzel from Zum Fidelen Affen.

Mozart’s birthplace at Getreidegasse 9
The fountain in Mirabell Gardens (seen in the “Do-Re-Mi” song from The Sound of Music)
Fountain in the Residenzplatz

What I noticed is that Salzburg is extremely different from Vienna, as if, there were cities in two different countries. I had the same feeling when I visited Pula in Croatia which had a totally different vibe comparing with the other cities in the country. Even people seem to be quite different from grumpy Viennese ones, they seem to be friendlier and more eager to help you.

Good night from dreamy Salzburg. <Salzach River>

Here is a quick recap of the places you have to visit while in Salzburg:

Coming up next: Escapade in the Austrian Mountains & Trip to Hallstatt

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  1. I loved your photos, they tempted me to travel to the city. And I think that’s the job of the writer or photographer, to convey the things beautifully. I would like to visit it sometime, also due to the history associated with the place. Great work.

  2. You’re fortunate you’re able to travel again! Here in Canada it’s not looking like we’ll be able to until at least 2021. I would love to get to Salzburg one day and had that planned for a trip next year. The fortress is absolutely stunning!

  3. The fortress is spectacular! Were you able to go inside for a tour? I can’t wait for the day to be able to travel again. We are still pretty much bound to our own Country.

    1. Sadly we decided to just explore it from the exterior since it’s quite pricey to go in, but if you go on the other hill, it’s basically the same view and…for free!

  4. I loved Salzburg when I visited! The view from the fortress was amazing and there is just such a charming feel to the whole city! I only spent 1 day there so would love to go back again 🙂

  5. Salzburg looks so lovely and I absolutely love Baroque architecture. I wonder how different Vienna will be to Salzburg. I guess I have to visit to see for myself.

  6. Salzburg is so beautiful. Your photos are stunning. I think that even just strolling down the streets and admiring the architecture is worth the trip!

  7. WoW| All your photos so beautiful! And it is lovely that you are able to travel again. Haven;t been to Salzburg yet but would have done so this summer – we shall wait. Definitely in my plans to do soon

  8. Your pictures are beautiful! It’s so true sometimes you visit two cities in the same country but they are so different. I guess the charm of quaint, charming towns is unmatched. Succinct writing..

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