Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2020

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, following the tradition of last year’s article, it is finally time to nominate the Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2020. It wasn’t easy picking these exquisite destinations, but with a bit of research and determination, I managed to select the top travel destinations that you surely visited this year. It’s up to you to decide which is the best one.

#10 The Backyard

What’s the best place to start your 2020 traveling adventures? It should definitely be the backyard which is obviously quite different for many people. Some might have a greenish backyard while other a concrete one, either way, still a great place to get some vitamin D and some fresh air whenever you get bored with the other exotic destinations.

#9 Your Bedroom

Yes, it’s finally time to explore your bedroom and maybe even make some changes. Move that furniture, paint those walls, and make your bedroom the best place to exist during these times. You might also tend to start hating it, this is why you need to explore the other destinations as well.

#8 The Kitchen wilderness

What a better time to explore the wilderness of the kitchen. Yes, it’s finally time to make that cream soup, clean that oven and maybe even bake some new recipes. The kitchen will surely keep you busy but please make sure you are safe, it’s definitely not a place for everyone to explore.

#7 Your favorite shopping place

Grocery shopping has never been so dangerous yet so exciting to explore. Make sure though you buy stuff that you actually need, don’t overbuy toilet paper though, everyone needs that and miss Rona won’t steal it from you. Also, please do wear a mask, you don’t wanna go home with her (*miss Rona) as well.

#6 The restroom

Feel like a queen or a king and do explore the restroom and sit on that throne as much as possible. Contemplate and even think of adjustments that you can make to this space in your house or you can just….chill.

#5 The internet

Maybe you can’t go to Hawaii this year BUT the internet might take you there either way. Explore places, make a list of what you would like to visit in the future, and watch as many movies as you can and why not even finish Netflix this year? A useful piece of advice, do not waste your salary on, Mr. Bezos is already rich enough, trust me.

#4 Your closet

Your closet might not be the best place to ever exist BUT now you finally have time to organize it, donate those old clothes, and maybe even make space for new ones? Just remember to get out of there, don’t stay in the closet too much time like some of us do. 🙂

#3 Florin’s Blog

I might not be traveling a lot these days BUT you can always get some inspiration from my previous travels. Learn more about Croatia, Austria, Portugal, and even the beauty of northern Spain. I promise that I’ll come back with more content and exciting stuff. I just hope that 2021 will be way better than 2020 was, right?

As for the top two places of 2020, well… I’m just gonna leave that up to your imagination. Which places located in your house perimeter would you place in the top 2? Is it your kitchen? Your bathroom perhaps?

Stay safe, wear a mask and do get vaccinated! 🙂

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  1. This is absolutely hilarious! When I read the first paragraph I was like “hmmm” but then it turned out to be a funny take on travel in 2020 (or not so much travel that is) 😀 Well done!

  2. You got me in the first paragraph. I was like WHAT is he talking about.. he traveled this year?? to more than 10 places.. but yes these are also me top destinations this year, although I don’t have a yard! Here’s to hoping 2021 goes a bit differently eh?

  3. As a matter of fact, I cannot laugh about this situation anymore – it’s far too depressing. And yet, I’m one of the lucky ones who got to travel at least a bit. I found two gaps during summertime and went to Prague and later to Italy. Other than that – see your list….

    1. Hi Renata, indeed, it’s not a happy situation but we need to find comfort in something and I was hoping that laughing about it can make our lives a tiny bit better. I was also lucky to travel a bit this year, to Ireland in January and Sweden in February and then in March, it happened…

  4. At first, I was like “Will I recognize at least one place from the top?” but them Bam! I was in all those places. Loved your article, it was hilarious. And the shade was marvelous.
    For me, top two places were the cemetery where I used to walk my dog (Luca sends you a hug) and the fountain which provides water for an immortal skin, you know which one.

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