Winter Vibes in Prague, Czechia

It’s been almost four months since I moved to Prague and this winter has proven to be indeed really special. Of course, we didn’t get any snow for Christmas but as usual, snow arrived in January. I think this is one of the coldest winters I experienced, but given the fact that Prague is situated in central Europe, it was quite expected.

There is something magical here during winter and you could feel it even better when the snow finally arrived. I spent a full day getting lost in beautiful forest parks around Prague and I felt like a kid. I don’t remember the last time I saw so much snow and it was the perfect opportunity to get lost and observe a bit the nature. I really felt like I needed this, with this occasion I also took some shots that I’m eager to share on my blog. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Even though I hate the cold, I do find Winter the most beautiful season. There is something magical about fresh fallen snow. I have discovered this winter that winter is my favorite time of the year to go on hikes.

  2. I visited Prague in August 2018 and absolutely loved it there! It sure looks like a totally different vibe in winter. I would love to head back in the wintertime to see the Christmas markets as well!

  3. Winter is such a magical season, especially when it snows. We haven’t had any snow in the city yet in Vancouver, but it’s on our mountains. Beautiful pics!

  4. Here in Iowa, we get snow every winter so I’m not a huge fan of winter but I do always love the first snow fall! It’s so dreamy and this area looks like the perfect place for a winter walk.

  5. I just visited Prague last summer – during a Covid-gap. It’s such a beautiful city and the snow makes it even more magic. However, since the Czech Republic has a continental climate, I’m afraid it will be super-cold in winter.

  6. It looks so magical. I live by the cost in England and our area never gets snow, even when the rest of the country gets covered. Can I swap please haha

  7. I remember being very cold in Prague when I visited in January 2014. There was no snow though which was very disappointing. I also didn’t realize there was so much nature in Prague. My boyfriend is from the area near Brno, so we only go to Prague when we need to catch the train to another country. Although your photos make it look nice, I think I’ll come back in a warmer month 🙂

  8. I live in a very warm city and so I am always trying to run to places where it snows in the winter. I love Prague as a city in general and can only imagine how much cooler it would be to visit in the winter, especially when there’s snow. Love your pictures! I do wish, however, that one could have some snow during Christmas; I would love visiting the festive markets, having some hot wine and enjoying the city views with a white blanket of snow!

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