Launching the new logo identity

It was finally time to re-brand my blog and come up with a better version of the previous logo, even though I still love it, I always knew that it needed some serious improvements. The previous logo had two leaves in warm colors and represented my general views on how my blog should be branded.

Special thanks to Adi from ECorporate for helping me re-brand my blog and improve the former logo into something more visionary, modern and fresh. With launching the new identity, I want to focus more on providing travel related content but also news, reviews and debates about literally everything because at the end of the day, my blog is a personal blog and not solely focused on one topic.

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  1. A logo is such an important part of your brand. And over time your image of that brand may change. So good that you have had the time to think about revising your logo and come up with a more refined vision.

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