Summer 2021 Travel Destinations

We’re still in summer y’all and you can still go on that perfect vacation we all deserve after 2020 or whatever happened last year (let’s just forget about it). Of course, Rona is still here, well actually her nasty cousins Delta & Lambada are still dominating our lives but thankfully the vaccination process is in full swing and the situation is slightly better compared to last year.

However, if planning to go on a trip abroad this year it is better to be fully vaccinated and of course, always be cautious because Rona’s cousins never sleep or die apparently. Restrictions are different per country and now whenever you plan on traveling it is better to check daily what is the status of those restrictions to avoid any weird situations like being stuck abroad. But still, who wouldn’t like to be stuck on a fancy island in Greece or Cyprus?

Here is the list of this year’s travel destinations, promise it won’t be a fake one like we had last year, so here we go:

#10 Sibiu, Romania

Transylvania will never disappoint any tourist who is fascinated by history, nature, and some good food. In Sibiu you can find all of these things and make it even better, this city is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. What I love most about Sibiu is the mesmerizing architecture that you will find in the heart of it, you will absolutely love to just get lost on the narrow streets and indulge in some traditional Romanian cuisine that you will find in almost every corner of the city.

#9 Český Krumlov, Czechia

When people hear about Czech Republic, they usually think about Prague and no wonder, Prague is an amazing city, however, this country has other fascinating places to offer and one of them is Český Krumlov. This city is situated in the South Bohemia region surrounded by medieval history, castles, and unforgettable panoramic views. If you’re a history geek like I am, please go ahead and read more about this amazing city here, you will love it!

#8 Lund, Sweden

It’s now time to travel north a bit and discover the little city of Lund located in southern Sweden. Lund is close to other major cities both in Sweden and Denmark and has a lot to offer in terms of history, views, and culture. What I love more about it is the Romanesque style that you will find quite often, especially when checking out the old churches and cathedrals. Lund is one of the oldest cities in Sweden dating back to 990, a city of contrasts where 1000 years of history blend with modern knowledge and ideas. In Lund, you find the charm of a small picturesque, cobble-stoned city, side-by-side with big-city attractions such as services, shopping, restaurants, and cultural events.

#7 Alexandria, Egypt

Nothing compares to a vacay in a hot Mediterranean city and this is why Alexandria deserves to be at this top. Alexandria, also known as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” is Egypt’s former capital and its principal seaport, and a major industrial center. The coastline of the city is surrounded by beautiful bays and harbours, such as Abu-Qir and the crescent-shaped Alexandrian Eastern Harbour which is overlooked by the fancy and majestic Qaitbay Fortress. The Cornice in Alexandria is a treat during both summer and winter. Starting from Ras El Tin and stretching all the way to Montazah you can enjoy spectacular views of the White Mediterranean.

#6 Tirana, Albania

Tirana is known for its unique charm and for being one of the most beautiful cities that you can visit in the Balkans. A very colourful city with painted facades, street art graffiti and murals that will keep your eyes busy. Tirana is also known for its delicious cuisine, nightlife and plenty of museums where you can learn more about the interesting history of this beautiful Balkan country.

#5 Zadar, Croatia

Zadar will never disappoint in terms of landscapes, prices and amazing places that you can explore for days. Living there myself for half a year, this city is just magnificent, a living historical city, full of life and surprises. Zadar is considered the hidden gem of the Dalmatian coast, with a mixture of Italian and Croatian vibes, it is the perfect place to relax on a well deserved holiday. Find out more reasons why you should visit Zadar here.

#4 Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is by far the most vibrant city you can discover next to the Caspian Sea and in the Caucasus. Baku has an enchanting combination of historical and modern attractions that will definitely catch your eyes. From the fancy palace of the Shirvanshahs, a fascinating royal complex to the Flame Towers, 3 pointed skyscrapers covered with LED screens. This city has been on my list for many years and I just cannot wait to plan my trip there and explore further what Baku has to offer.

#3 Catania, Italy

If you were ever fascinated by Sicily and what it has to offer, then you should definitely consider visiting Catania, the second largest metropolitan city of Sicily. This city is filled with unforgettable surroundings, UNESCO heritage sites and intense flavours that will make you wanna live there for the rest of your days. Catania’s most famous tourist spots: Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena, Historical Monastery San Benedetto on via Crociferi, Palazzo Biscari, The fishing villages of the lava and of course the one and only Mount Etna which has a nature reserve that is part of the UNESCO heritage and it is considered to be the “most active and emblematic volcanoes in the world”. So if you’re into hiking, Mount Etna should definitely be on your list.

#2 Malaga, Spain

Malaga made it to the top 2 because IT IS the place to be after a long and tiring period at work. If you’re into splendid beaches, relaxing vibes and friendly people then Malaga is all yours. Malaga is the perfect place to be to discover the fascinating coastline of the Costa del Sol and the overall Andalusian lifestyle. Just like any other amazing city, Malaga is full of history that will make you fall in love with it even more, after all, it is the city of Pablo Picasso. Some major touristic spots that you need to add to your list: Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga, Jardin Botánico Histórico La Concepción, Muelle Uno, Caminito del Rey, Museo Picasso Malaga AND most importantly enjoy the Spanish seafood in Malaga, as it is considered to be quite unique and super tasty.

#1 Faro, Portugal

And this year, the number 1 spot goes to the most fascinating Portuguese city, Faro. Faro is Algarve’s capital, a city full of colors, royal golden beaches, bars, and some unique seafood. If you’re planning your holiday to Faro, make sure you also explore the hidden islands that offer a rare natural environment. Here are the major touristic spots that you will need to consider: Faro Cathedral, Arco da Vila, Cidade Velha, Ria Formosa Cruise, Island Beaches, Igreja do Carmo, Faro Municipal Museum, Muralhas de Faro, Museu Marítimo Almirante Ramalho Ortigão, Praia de Faro, Palácio de Estói and, of course, the Local Cuisine – The shellfish beds in the Ria Formosa are the origin of a few gastronomic specialities (look into Caldeirada).

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