Eurovision 2022 Review – What went wrong?

Bonjour everyone. This is me calling, to give some points and express some feelings and thoughts about this Eurovision season that just ended on Sunday. Italy won Eurovision last year, snatching the victory under Barbara’s nose (France). Maneskin were definitely not my favorite however their victory was totally deserved since they gave an amazing overall performance.

Italy now had a chance to host their first Eurovision this decade. Their last victory was in 1990 with Toto Cotugno and a few years after they took a very long break, finally deciding to come back to the contest in 2011. Hosting Eurovision is not only an honor but also an opportunity to boost the local economy and show the world your country’s potential. Italy was so proud they won Eurovision that they decided to skip any help from the Swedish organizers, so everything was on them, logo & slogan concept, stage idea, logistics, postcards etc.

Even though I do agree that Sweden has their hands too much into Eurovision every single year, at the same time this year we could see why their effort was important for all of us. Everything started in January with the reveal of a very basic and uninspired logo and slogan, the stage construction started in early April however with huge issues that ended up with a big black hole right in the middle of the stage. That big hole was supposed to be a rotative sun that didn’t work in the end, so everyone had to adjust their performance despite the numerous complaints from many delegations.

Song Quality check

This year the Eurovision Gods blessed us with many national selections, even reviving old ones like in Poland or North Macedonia. However, the overall song quality was not that good. Everyone used to complain that Eurovision 2011 was a weak year, well that’s not the case anymore, Eurovision 2022 is more than happy to fill in that spot from now on.


Thankfully, no matter how bad a year can be, there will always be those 4 or 5 songs that will make this Eurovision stand out. One of them was Spain. This country used to disappoint us for many years, and decades, however this year they came up with an amazing #BenidormFest national selection concept and it was worth it (despite the usual Spaniard drama that happens every single time they have a national selection).

Chanel represented Spain with the song “SloMo” and managed to achieve a Top 3 position after so many years of failure, their previous Top 3 placing was back in 1995! Chanel is an amazing artist that just started her musical career, “SloMo” being her first single and also Spain’s reason to be proud in the upcoming years. Sadly, this is not a common year because if it was, Spain would have taken this victory home.

Other great songs that made this year worth it, came from Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Serbia, and Moldova.

What went wrong?

Probably a good alternative question is what didn’t go wrong? This year despite the major organizational issues, we had a lot of voting issues that ended up with the disqualification of the jury points coming from six different countries. According to EBU (the European Broadcasting Union), voting irregularities were identified in six countries taking part, one of them being my own native country, Romania.

The votes of these six countries were replaced with some mock votes made up by EBU. Because of this cancellation, Spain ended up in the 3rd position while UK came in second, however, if the original points would have been kept, Spain & UK would have swapped places.

Regarding the irregularities, according to some rumors, these delegations made some agreements on voting exchanging during Semifinals but this is still yet to be confirmed by the EBU and sadly even up to this day, EBU has failed to provide a proper explanation of why the votes were canceled.

Voting at Eurovision is probably the ugliest thing you can ever see in this contest because at the end of the day it is indeed very political and shady. This is going on for years though and it is suspicious that actions were taken only now and only for some countries while the Balkan and Nordic countries were still able to express their neighborly love.

Overall Experience

Despite the organizational and voting issues, I still think that this Eurovision was special. Yes, it can be frustrating for people watching this contest only on the Grand Final night, but for a true hardcore fan, Eurovision is like a journey that starts in Mid December with the Albanian National Selection followed by interviews, revamps, rehearsals & constant top 10 changes in the upcoming months. Everything comes to an end in the ‘Eurovision Week’ when the Semifinals and the Grand Final are being held.

This season I discovered lots of great new songs and artists even though many of them didn’t go to Eurovision itself. I really look forward to what the next adventure will bring along. Let’s see if it’s either #Barcelona2023 or #London2023.

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  1. It was definitely a weaker year than 2021, but for me, a true Romania and Moldova fangirl, these two countries (along with Spain) saved the day. Why not #Ukraine2023? The votes were such a joke.

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