A new chapter is coming

Life is unpredictable and I guess that’s the beauty of it. You will never know where the flow will take you. If you would have told me back in 2018 that I will be living abroad in different countries, traveling the world, and experiencing the life I always craved, I would have most likely called you cray-cray.

But yet, here I am. In my late 20s doing exactly that, living in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, meeting new people, and cultures, and becoming the best version of myself. Something that sadly would have never happened in Romania. Life is short, so do your best to live every moment, challenge yourself and have some faith that even the most impossible things can actually happen.

I moved to the beautiful city of Prague back in September 2020, in mid-pandemic (cuz why not). Prague has given me so much in terms of personal and professional development, I’ve met some incredible people, made new friendships, and learned more about everything but most importantly about myself. After spending almost two years in what is considered the most beautiful city in the world, I am finally ready to move on and start a new chapter.

However, I will always remember and cherish all the amazing memories I have made in this unique city. I’m super grateful that I got to discover more of Prague and not only the touristic things I’ve seen while on vacation here in 2018.

Prague is a city of beautiful landscapes, some sort of friendly people, and expats from all over the world. And if you ever consider moving here, please do it, you will definitely not regret it. What I like more about this city is its beautiful nature, you will never get tired of discovering new things and this is the place to be if you want to get away from super busy and tiring cities.

Biking next to the Vltava river circa 10km from home
Vitkov Hill view
Troja Bridge
The storm is coming – view from the kitchen window
Praha Metro

Where is the next chapter starting?

Well, the next chapter will begin in a city where I lived already but somehow it always stayed in my heart and mind. I’m super happy to move back to Vienna at the end of this month and start a new professional and personal chapter that will hopefully lead to some great things in the future.

I’m also super excited to reunite with some great friends with whom I shared some awesome moments a few years ago. Thus, the #VienneseDiary is back in business and will start running again very soon.

See you soon, Vienna! 🥂

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