Life in Vienna

It’s been almost three months since I moved back to Vienna and a lot things happened. Living here before definitely didn’t make things easier when moving back. Bureaucracy is sadly still the same, no matter if you’re from the E.U, you will definitely get a headache with all the documents and appointments that you have to do in your first months here, HOWEVER, I’m almost done with everything and very soon I will be the owner of a new Austrian ID card. (Hallo Wien, wie geht’s?)

I’m super excited to move to my own place as of next month, in a beautiful flat with a large balcony and a great view, honestly the flat I was dreaming about for years and now it is actually happening. Of course, it wasn’t easy since I had to deal with a lot of flat viewings and big decisions but it is now finally coming to an end and very soon I’ll be sipping some red wine on my 4th-floor balcony #bougieelife.

Besides all the bureaucracy and flat planning, I feel so blessed that I had the chance to reconnect with some amazing friends and also to meet new interesting people. I’m also the owner of a new beautiful bike that will travel a lot with me in the upcoming months.

Summer is sadly kinda over now, out of a sudden the degrees are under 20, which is a bit of a shocker since a few weeks ago we were barely able to breathe due to high temperatures, but hey, I guess the climate crisis ain’t so “fake” after all.

So far so good, these are my latest updates. And now I’m gonna throw in my usual promise, that I’ll be more active, bla bla. Let’s see! Until next time! Tschuss! ✌️

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