New Releases October 2022

It’s that time of the year when new songs are being released from the birth canal and today was an exceptional day as both Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor decided to release fresh new albums for us, the music lovers, to devour.

Taylor released her 10th album entitled “Midnights” which has a total of 13 beautifully crafted songs with lyrics that will definitely make you think a lot. I’m still in the phase of listening and re-listening, however, so far “You’re on your own, kid” and “Vigilante Shit” really hit well with me.

Meghan Trainor released her fourth album entitled Takin’ It Back. I love that she is still loyal to her initial style and this album definitely doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to blast it on repeat while setting up the furniture in my new flat soon. Which is your favorite song? Happy Autumn Days everyone! ❤️

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