Eurovision 2023: My exclusive Top 10

Here we are at that time of the year when we will witness another amazing Eurovision, this time held in the beautiful city of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Unlike last year, Eurovision 2023 has a more diversified range of songs, from soapy ballads to ultra BOPS and rock bands. We have 37 entries that will compete for the fancy Eurovision trophy.

So, based on what I’ve seen, felt, and liked so far, this is my top 10 before rehearsals and live shows. Usually, everything changes completely once the live performance happens, so I’m not expecting to have the same exact top 10 after Eurovision week kicks-off.

#10: Belgium

This year we have Gustaph representing Belgium with a drag race-inspired song. Even though he was not seen as a main favorite to win the Belgian National Selection, he proved to be a dark horse in disguise and took the victory.

I didn’t like the song at the beginning, but with time it grew on me a lot and now he is part of my top 10. So you better slay queen, no other alternatives are accepted.

#9: Georgia

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed when the song was released, however, just like with Belgium, Iru’s “Echo” grew on me. Yes, the song is definitely not a lyrical masterpiece but I do think it has that special something that will make it pop out. Iru has some outstanding vocal skills and I am really curious to see what the live performance will look like.

#8: United Kingdom

I’m a sucker for these kind of songs. It is definitely a radio song, maybe not so much fit for Eurovision but… damn it’s catchy and Mae really knows how to shake things up. People were a bit disappointed about her vocal skills during the preparties but I really hope she will do her best and don’t disappoint in May. She wrote a song after all henny ๐Ÿ’…

#7: Armenia

Armenia really wants to do great things and it shows. A grower in the past few weeks, Brunette’s “Future Lover” is a song that will surely make you reflect on things. I absolutely love the empowering lyrics and I really, really hope that she will do great in her Semifinal.

#6: Israel

Noa is literally a superstar in her country and taking a risk to participate in Eurovision is really huge. Everyone had high expectations from her and she didn’t disappoint so far. Her song is a bit inspired by recent ESC bops however if she manages to pull an amazing dance break, she will absolutely be part of the actual top 10 in May. We just have to patiently wait and see.

#5: Austria

My current adoptive country finally sent an amazing catchy bop that will hopefully make everyone dance and laugh in May. Teya and Salena’s “Who the hell is Edgar” is something very unexpected and risky, and that’s exactly what we like. I really hope for a great performance that will make this entry shine.

#4: Norway

The Queen of Kings is finally here. An amazing song that became a sensation all over the internet when it was released back in January. Alessandra already has millions of streams on Spotify and everyone is expecting Norway to do an amazing job this year. The song is very catchy, empowering and it makes you sing along.

#3: Czechia

A very controversial entry because of the hidden meanings, this is the reason why everyone was scared that EBU might not allow Vesna to take part in Eurovision but thankfully, everything was OK in the end. When uploading the video on the official YouTube channel, they removed the first part of it, but below you still get to see it fully.

The song tells the story of Slavic sisterhood and the struggle of whatever is happening now in the world and that’s exactly why I love this song so much.

#2: Spain

For the second year in a row, Spain is in my top. I absolutely adore Blanca ever since I discovered her back in 2022. I have to admit though that it took some time for EAEA to grow on me but it did, and A LOT. Especially after seeing the Benidormfest performance. This is a song that combines culture, talent, and magic all together which makes it extremely fascinating to watch and be part of. Blanca’s incredible vocal range will definitely make her stand out and why not, maybe even win the whole thing? After all, we all love a dark horse. Ole ๐Ÿ’ƒ

#1: Sweden

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you my number one warrior, favorite artist, and royalty: Loreen. I think I don’t have sufficient words to describe how much I love her. Loreen’s music, starting from ‘Euphoria’ was part of my “growing-up” experience. Even though I might sound biased, Loreen’s “Tattoo” is just something out of this world. It’s a song about hope, empowerment, LOVE, and the fight you have to take in order to place the right feelings first. She is absolutely my winner this year and I can’t wait to see her performance in Liverpool.

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Eurovision 2023 News

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